What equipment am I allowed to use?

Category: Kit & Equipment

Powerlifting has two categories: equipped and classic (also known as raw). The two categories have some differences in what is allowed and what is not allowed. If it’s your first club competition, chances are it is a classic competition. For your first competition, rent or borrow a singlet if you can; make sure you have some long deadlift socks but turn up and enjoy your first comp without worrying too much! Once affiliated, it is mandatory to wear a singlet and deadlift socks when competing. The following equipment is allowed:

  • Lifting belt
  • Wrist wraps
  • Knee sleeves
  • Raised heel lifting shoes**

You don’t have to use a belt, wrist wraps or knee sleeves or make use of raised heel shoes. It is a personal preference.

However, at a Provincial competition, the equipment you use will have to comply with IPF standards. This means your equipment might not be from an IPF-approved manufacturer, but it meets the technical specifications (i.e. belt thickness).

At a National or International competition, the equipment will have to be from an IPF-approved manufacturer. If your goal is to compete at South African Provincials or Nationals, then it is worth starting out with IPF-approved equipment. Note, the list of approved equipment manufacturers is updated by the IPF each year.

** The IPF does not specify raised heel lifting shoe manufacturers, but there are limitations on the height of the heel.