Why do I have to complete a WADA Education Program?

Category: Affiliation

The Western Cape Powerlifting Federation and the South African Powerlifting Federation are members of the International Powerlifting Federation. The IPF is a global, fully tested powerlifting federation and signatory to the World Anti-Doping Code. The IPF has taken its role as the premier global powerlifting federation very seriously and has worked diligently with our sporting partners and associates to become a responsible, high-quality organisation governing athletes committed to drug-free, high-standard competition. 

The IPF Anti-Doping Rules apply to the IPF, to each of its Regional Federations, National Federations, Athletes, Athlete Support Personnel and other Persons, each of whom are deemed, as a condition of their membership, accreditation and/or participation in the sport of powerlifting to have agreed to be bound by these Anti-Doping Rules.