First Time Lifters

Category: Training & Competing

If you are a first-time lifter at an SAPF-affiliated club competition, you must affiliate with the Western Cape Powerlifting Federation.

  1. Complete the entry form
  2. Pay the competition fee
  3. Compete with approved equipment
    • Singlet
    • Belt
    • Deadlift socks
    • Wrist wraps (optional)
    • Knee sleeves (optional)

Should you decide to compete at Western Cape Provincial Championships following your first affiliated club competition, then you must also affiliate with SAPF. Part of the SAPF affiliation process is completing the WADA ADeL online education course on anti-doping. Your certificate must be uploaded on the SAPF website as part of the affiliation process.

  1. Affiliate with the South African Powerlifting Federation on the SAPF website
  2. Complete the WADA ADeL Certificate
  3. Pay all affiliation fees. Affiliation fees ensure that you can compete throughout the year. If SAPF affiliation fees are paid anytime after September of that year, you are automatically affiliated for the following year e.g. affiliation fees paid in or after September 2024, will automatically mean you are affiliated for 2025.

All details about the criteria to lift can be found here: Criteria to Lift

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